"Popular wisdom holds that virtuosity is a hard proposition, the product of painstaking study and ruthless practice. With age comes more mastery but a benign maturity.
At the Timoianu concert you could see that maturity does not need much age, either Timoianu has played in Delhi in the early nineties and the quality she has acquired in the space of this time is a fluid nonchalance.
This time Yvonne, along with Alexander Preda, (jointly named the Duo de Salzburg), gave an evening of Brahms and Schubert, a solid technically impeccable performance of devilish complexity and grace....The Duo had a smooth flow subtly combining virtuosity with feeling that gave the sound of Yvonne's cello a sonorous grandeur.....Brahms Sonata....this piece seemed ready to collapse under the pressure of revelation. Alexander Preda's play was a tour de force of subtlety."
(Raghava R. Menon, The Hindustan Times, New Delhi 1997)